Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

In the following you will receive information on the type, scope, and purpose of any personal data we are processing as well as the use of cookies in connection with visits to our websites and

All data is located on servers in EU/EEC member states.

Processing of HTTP-Data

Every visit on our website and every file download creates a protocol data set on the web server. 

In particular, the following data is collected:

  • Your current IP-address
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used
  • Names of files downloaded
  • Date and time of the download
  • Volume of data transmitted
  • Notification if the download was successful

All this information is used for statistical purposes only. We are not passing on any data to third parties.

We also do not link this data with other data. Furthermore, this information is held for no longer than nine weeks.  

Use of Cookies / 1&1 Tracking Software 

Our web analysis software does not use so-called cookies but directly accesses the HTTP data on the server. 

The analysis of such protocol data contains the following information:

  • Search engines used
  • Search keywords entered
  • Languages used
  • Internet provider 
  • Origin of visitors according to countries
  • Browsers and plugins used
  • Referrers (i.e., the website you used immediately before)
  • Time of stay, start pages, exit pages, and cancellation rate
  • Files downloaded, including date and time

Use of Personal Data / Right to Object to the Use of Personal Data for Advertising Purposes 

We only collect that kind of personal data and only to that extent that you make available to us with your own knowledge, e.g. via the contact form, which you may also use without providing your real name. We use this data solely for handling your request. 

In particular, we do not use your personal data for the purpose of advertising and market research. A future change of purpose to this effect will require your express consent. Advertisement consent once given can always be revoked by contacting us using the contact details listed above. We only pass on data to third parties without your consent if we are legally obligated to do so.

Right to Information

If you wish to receive detailed information on your personal data or have further questions about the use of any personal data that you have made available to us, please contact us at or in writing to the address given on our registration information page (“Impressum”). 

External Links 

On our website, you will find links to external sites whose content is not on our server. While we checked the external contents of such links when we placed them, we cannot rule out that the contents may have been changed subsequently. Should you notice that the contents of external providers are in violation of existing law, please let us know.

This privacy statement only applies to our own contents on our servers.